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New Site! New Blog! New EVERYTHING!

Hello Blog! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Well here is some news: We’ve got a new website! Same address, just a different look. It’s at And the site has a new blog that we will probably be updating. So go to that! We may still put stuff here, but will probably put it on the new one. Who knows? I’m having trouble committing/saying goodbye. We’ll see. Whatever. It’s early!


Kings of Podcasting

Last week we were interviewed on The Comedy Nerds podcast. We talked about being in a two-man ground, FX (the movie), and dry humping. INTRIGUED? Find it on iTunes, or just go here:

Team Submarine on The Comedy Nerds Podcast

And thanks to Dustin and Dan for having us on and for officially making us the Kings of Podcasting. Seriously, has anybody been on more podcasts than us? You wish.




No one thought the post apocalyptic world would look like this.  Films and books had always portrayed a world ruled by martial law where survivors live in fear of barbarians.  Fire barrels.  Deserted highways.  Lots of leather for some reason.  No one could have predicted the fate that really came to be:  A WORLD RUN BY CATS!  No one expected that these cuddly little creatures would turn on us so violently.  They tore down our monuments, imprisoned those who defied them and burned all of our art and literature to the ground.  They took our dignity and destroyed our history.  I live a very humble life with my female companion here on the island of what was once known as manhattan (I have no idea if I’m pronouncing that correctly).  But we are not alone.  Two felines occupy our living quarters with an iron fist.  We are forced to clean up their excrement from a small rectangle of sand.  We must feed them whenever they beckon.   They dictate where my feet should be as I sleep.  But the most terrifying part is this:  On most evenings they just lay strewn across the floor in a most erotic way, just glaring at us.  It’s as if, just by living, we have somehow disappointed them.  Perhaps they are just amused by how easy it was to domesticate us.

If this message is successful in making it backwards in time, then remember this one thing: Spay and neuter your cats.  Please, the human race is depending on you.   This is not a joke.  This is our future.fatcat

Team Submarine Up In Them Internets

A couple quick things regarding our eventual Internet Takeover. First of, we (and by we I mean Steve) did a brief interview on The Sound of Young America’s blog. Nate couldn’t make it because he was too busy frenching hot babes (typical!) and getting cool haircuts (not so typical!) Read it here.

Also, a little while back we were interviewed on the The Comedy Nerds podcast. Hear that here or search “The Comedy Nerds” on iTunes.


(Artist’s rendition of how these interviews went down)

“Correctamundo!” Now Available as MP3 Download

SquareCoverFor those of you who still haven’t purchased Team Submarine’s debut album Correctamundo!, you now have one less excuse. You can now purchase the album as an mp3 download and avoid those crazy shipping charges and unwieldy CD cases. Just point your browser here and click “Download Album.” Easy! And it’s still only $5!

And for you purists out there, you can still purchase the physical CD and get a limited edition Nate or Steve button and a hand-drawn piece of artwork. But hurry! Because supplies are running out very, very slowy!

Team Magazine

Nate, Steve and a handful of other people who are more successful than us recently wrote some goofs for a piece in Time Out Chicago. We’ve put together this image that blocks out what everybody wrote except us:

tocns(Click to enlarge)

But if you really want to read what everybody else wrote, you can do so on the Time Out Chicago website. That is, until we make an image that just blocks out what we wrote.

Sketchfest NYC – Tomorrow!

sfnyc-web-titleIf you’re in New York, then be sure to check out Sketchfest NYC this weekend at UCB. We’ll be going up  on Thursday, June 11 at 8:00 PM along with the hilarious Kristen Schaal. And in between, there’ll be videos from Front Page Films. What’s not to like?!