Cool Runnings Reviews


Cool Runnings is hot, hot, hot!”

“You’ll be Runnings back to the theater to see this one again!”

“Jamaican me wanna see this movie again!”

“‘Run‘ for the whole family!”

“One Cool film!”

“These are some hilarious Fastafarians!”

Cool Runnings is Cool Funnings!”

“This film bobsledded its way into my heart.”

“I Want (John) Candy!”

Cool Runnings will cure any case of the ‘Mon’ days.”

“A Home Runnings!”


2 responses to “Cool Runnings Reviews

  1. Why are they standing in the cold weather wearing nothing but shorts and t-shirts? Did they not see anyone else bundled up? They are in the middle of a track MADE OF ICE and they didn’t think they might get cold?! And who is that far away giant behind them? Did he just teleport from another dimension? Is this a sci-fi movie? Or even a SyFy movie?

  2. If I didn’t have a sense of humor, if somebody really said the second-to-last line I would have hit myself over the head with something.

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