Finally, A Video Game For Lazy People

virtual reality helmut
Video games aren’t just for kids anymore. In fact, many adults now use them as an escape from the stress of their daily lives. But what about those who don’t do much of anything? The independently wealthy, the pot heads and the just plain lazy? Where’s their escape from the grips of procrastination and apathy? Introducing Productivity: The Game! This multi-player game allows you to inhabit a world where you can do all the things you put off doing in real life. Challenges include: paying your phone bill, going to the dentist, calling your mother, writing your congressman, balancing your checkbook and many, many more. The best part of Productivity: The Game is that it’s all in real time, which means the level where you help your friend move will take just as long as if you actually helped your friend move. Imagine the sense of accomplishment you will have once you beat the level that includes you finally reading The Kite Runner (actually we couldn’t get the rights to The Kite Runner so we created a reasonable facsimile called The Kite Jogger. You’ll love it!). Now you can finally hit the gym, apologize to an ex-girlfriend, and do some volunteer work all from the comfort of your own couch. Accomplish everything and enjoy the feeling of not being a loser… in the game, not in real life.


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