The Carpet Man Is Coming!!!


Summer time is on it’s way and we all know what that means: fun at the beach, playing in the pool and hearing that old familiar song thats hums through your neighborhood letting you know that the carpet man is coming down the street!  Everyone knows there’s nothing better than a nice carpet on an hot summer day.  Whenever I hear that song playing in our neighborhood, I run over to my mom or dad and beg them for 12 to 14 hundred dollars so I can get a carpet with my friends outside.   They usually say something like “I’m not giving you money for the carpet man when I just bought a big carpet from the store yesterday.  Just enjoy the carpet we have in the kitchen.”   But every once in a while I’ll catch dad on a good day (like when  he doesn’t accidently step on one of the cats) and he’ll usually cave and give me some money for the carpet man.  Then I run down the street and try to catch the carpet truck before he leaves for another neighborhood.  My favorite carpet has got to be Saxony, because it’s like I get two types of fiber for the price of one!  Last week my friend Todd let me try his Berber carpet and I couldn’t believe how durable it was.  I’ll probably stick with my old faithful though: Saxony!  One time I dropped my carpet on the ground and started to cry but then the carpet man gave me another one for free.  It was great because I got a new carpet and I gave the carpet I dropped on the ground to the really poor kid in the neighborhood.  He’ll take any carpet he can get!  Sometimes we’ll hear the carpet man’s music playing late at night and my dad will always yell: “What the hell is the carpet man doing out it this hour?  What kind of parents would let their kids buy carpet at 9:30 at night?”  But he must have forgotten he said that because he let us buy a huge carpet on the 4th of July and it was was almost eleven o’clock at night!  Thanks carpet man!


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