Taking a Cue From Double-U

alphaHave you ever noticed that every letter in the alphabet has its own name except for “W”? It’s name is basically a description of what it looks like using the characteristics of another letter. “Double U.” Two “U’s” side by side would look like a “W” (depending on the font). I think this is a great idea, because in a world of too much information, it’s one less letter that we have to waste our efforts memorizing. And thus I’ve taken the liberty of doing that with a few more letters so we can unclutter the alphabet just a little bit more.

B – “P” trying to have a 69 with a clone of itself but doing it all wrong.

F – “E” was just in a really bad car accident, but be cool about it, okay?

I – Guys, someone should really talk to “H” about his coke problem. I’d do it, but I don’t know him that well so it’d probably be weird.

Q – “O” doing a really bad impersonation of the Prince logo.

R – What the hell is “P” wearing?!

S – Gay 5.

U – Half-W

Y – Slutty lowercase L

Z – Ohmygod! Somebody shot “N”!!!

For a fun activity, try singing the alphabet with all of these descriptions replacing the letters.


One response to “Taking a Cue From Double-U

  1. I laughed my ass off…thanks Nate! I miss you!

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