iPhone-less Apps

iPhones are everywhere these days. It seems that everybody and their iPhone has an iPhone now. But if you’re like me, then you don’t want/can’t afford/haven’t heard of one and still have a good ol’ fashioned cellular phone. And unfortunately for us, we don’t have access to all of those cool apps (short for appsplications) to play around with. So I’ve been developing some apps for all of us cellphone users. They’re pretty basic, but at least they’ll make us feel better about not owning an iPhone.

This first one is called iMportant People. Twice a day it texts you the the name of somebody important who never had an iPhone. For example:


Like I said before, one of the main reasons I/we don’t have iPhones is because of how expensive they end up being. I mean, some people pay over a hundred dollars a month for service on those things! I, however, only have to pay $10 a month because I’m still on my parents’ family plan (and I can text my mom for FREE). So I’ve made an app that texts me the names of things I can buy with all of the money I’m saving from not having an iPhone. For example:


And this next app is something that the iPhone users will surely be jealous of. I call it iNteraction. What it does, is it shuts down your phone completely, forcing you to interact and make eye contact with real people.


One response to “iPhone-less Apps

  1. It’s great to know Rosa and I have so much in common–thanks non-apple aps!

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