Children Are Our Future

I’m a firm believer that all parents should read to their kids. Illustrated children’s books are a great tool for developing your child’s mind at an early age and teaching them valuable lessons in an educational manner. That is, until some sick fuck doctor comes out with a book like this:cb1Please know that this is a real book. It’s used to teach children that it’s okay to have diarrhea. Which leads me to believe that there are parents out their teaching their kids that it’s not okay to have diarrhea. But the reviews of this book on Amazon are glowing. So I guess gross stuff is the next big thing in parenting. And I’ve never been one to pass up a money-making opportunity, so I’ve gone ahead and made some children’s books of my own:




This one is intended for older kids, because at that emotionally complicated age it’s important to know you’re not the only one. And I realize a better name probably would’ve been “The Species with Leaky Fecies,” but nobody every got anywhere by being predictable.

Poop jokes, everybody.


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