Team Submarine Takes Chicago!

Hey Chicago!

Remember Team Submarine? You don’t?! Then how the hell did you find your way to our blog? Nonetheless, we remember you. We also remember that time you borrowed $12 from us. But we’ve decided to forget about it as long as you come to one of our shows this weekend. As we’ll be making a brief return to do some shows at the Chicago Sketchfest and The Lincoln Lodge.

We’ve been preparing an all-new for Sketchfest, and you’ve got two chances to catch! Friday, January 9th and Saturday, January 10th both at 11:00 PM. It’s at the Theatre Building Chicago on 1225 W Belmont. We can confidently say that if you miss this show, it’ll probably be one of the five things you regret the most in your life. Or at least that weekend. Tickets are twelve dollars, but it’s a full show, so it ends up coming out to something like $8 a laugh. You can find a Facebook event for it here.

But if you have children or are a child and can’t make the 11:00 PM show, then you’ve got a chance to catch us doing a set at The Lincoln Lodge on Friday, January 9 at 9:00 PM. This show will also feature the triumphant returns of Brady Novak and TJ Miller.

But if you can’t make any of those shows, we’re gonna try and do a show INSIDE OF THE MILLENNIUM PARK BEAN (still working on the permits – the city is being seriously difficult).

And just for kicks, why not read the article that we wrote for Time Out Chicago about Sketchfest last year?

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