Apartment Warming Party

I just moved into a beautiful new apartment, and I’ll be having one hell of an apartment warming party this weekend! It’s a studio apartment and is a little on the small side, so I’m gonna have to set a few ground rules:

  • BYOB! I’d love to provide it for you, but I only have a mini-fridge so I can’t hold a lot of beer. Also, said fridge doubles as my sock drawer. So don’t bring anymore drinks than you can hold!
  • I have three roommates – please be respectful of their areas! Kevin usually hangs out by the sink, Mac owns the closet and Timbo pays the most rent so the bathtub is his. RESPECT THESE AREAS.
  • The guys were cool enough to let me rope off a 3 by 4 foot area for the party, so please RSVP with the times that you plan on arriving and leaving. There is only enough space for a maximum of three guests at a time, so this whole thing needs to be orchestrated perfectly down to the last minute.
  • BE ON TIME! If you’re scheduled to leave at 9:00, then you must leave at 9:00 in order to make space for the next guest.
  • There is no working plumbing in the building, so GO TO THE BATHROOM AT YOUR OWN PLACE BEFORE YOU ARRIVE. Kevin hates it when you use his sink, and he’s letting me borrow his tape deck for the party so I’d really like for you to be cool to him.
  • DO NOT WEAR A WINTER COAT. Leave it at home! For every two people wearing winter coats, that’s one less guest we can have. I’m sorry if you get cold while walking to my place, but I assure you it will get unbearably hot in the apartment within five minutes of arriving.
  • And most importantly…have fun!

So that about covers it! If I can get my flat screen set up in time we may be able to get a round of Scene It going. Otherwise, nothing gets a party going like trust falls! (though given the lack of space, we’ll probably have to restrict the activity to trust leans) Hope to see you there!

trustfaGet a couple of Mai Tais into me and I can almost guarantee this will happen by midnight.


One response to “Apartment Warming Party

  1. Sounds like a blast! Sorry I can’t make it!

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