Thanksgiving Activities

Thanksgiving is coming right up. It’s one of those times of the year where you see a lot of family members who you don’t normally see. And if you’re anything like me, about 20 minutes into dinner you realize that you have nothing in common with these people and have run out of things to talk about. Just in case that happens, I’ve provided a couple of fun family activities to help pass the time and loosen things up a little bit.

First up is the classic “Hand Turkey.” We all know this one! You trace your hand, and then decorate it to look like a turkey! It’s fun for the whole family and absolutely hilarious! And everybody’s turkey is unique. Here’s an example:

Now I know you’re probably saying “But that activity is for kids! What am I supposed to do keep Uncle Ron entertained when he’s drunk on wine coolers and covered cranberry sauce?” Easy! You up the ante a little bit and take advantage of what’s going to happen anyway with a fun, crafty activity that I like to call the “Wang Hat.”


It’s simple: Just throw your junk on a piece of paper, trace it, and then decorate it to look like a pilgrim’s hat! It’s fun, educational and totally gross. It’s time we started preserving those Thanksgiving memories instead of repressing them. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!


3 responses to “Thanksgiving Activities

  1. I love this.

  2. you know what they say about a big hand turkey…a big pilgrim hat

  3. destined to be a holiday classic

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