Has anyone ever gotten you good?  I mean really good. Maybe they tricked you into writing the word “PENIS” on your hand with the old “PEN 15” routine.  Or perhaps you’ve fallen asleep at a party and woke up with a penis drawn on your forehead.  Or maybe they gave you a really nice tuxedo to wear to the gala but it turned out the tux looked a lot like a big penis.  These pranks have all happened to us and we’ve all laughed about them later and then cried about them much later when we were by ourselves.  The next step is always figuring out how you will get them back.  If you’re like us you have no sense of humor and will want to retaliate in a completely disproportionate way.  We deal in what we like to call: LIFE PRANKS.  

LIFE PRANKS are pranks that won’t just embarrass people for a measly moment but rather their entire lifetime.  For instance a recent client named Josh had been embarrassed by his co-worker Ted when he was told that there was cake in the break room.  However when he got to the break room he found not a cake but rather a baby shower that he then had to linger around at for the next ten minutes or so just to be nice.  Ted had pranked him good but now it was our turn to LIFE PRANK him!  

We hired an actress to hit on Ted at a bar a few weeks later.  They got extremely drunk and we staged it so he believed that he’d gotten so drunk that he had slept with the woman.  Ted never told his his wife or kids about this.  Nine months later we had the actress go to Ted’s work and tell him in front of everyone that she’s pregnant.  His marriage falls apart immediately after and he’s now paying child support to our little baby actor Fredrick for the next 18 years.  Not to mention the emotional attachment he’ll have to the child and it’s mother while he toils through his life angry and alone.  Now the best part is that we waited 54 years and then visited Ted on his deathbed to tell him “You’ve been LIFE PRANKED!” and our old friend Josh came out and said  “There’s cake in the break room buddy!” Then we all had a good laugh (except Ted).

LIFE PRANKS also offers great prank packages that you can mix and match including: Unforeseen Manslaughter, Sporadic Dream Crushing, Horrific Body Tattoos, Sudden Gay Son, Accelerated Debilitating Guilt, Shark Attack, “The Abortion Didn’t Take,” Unanticipated Deportation, Monstrous Debt, Unpredicted Alienation, Surprise Plastic Surgery, and Seymour Butts.


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