Sumptuous Reading

Anyone who’s ever spent more than five minutes with me knows that I just love a good romance. There’s just something intimately satisfying reading a romance novel and pretending that I’m a lonely midwestern housewife who is pretending that she’s a character in a romance novel. And what with the economy how it is, I figure why not turn that passion into profit? So I’ve decided to write my own romance novel. It’s about a woman with boobs and a dress who meets a man that doesn’t wear shirts. I don’t want to give too much away, but let’s just say that they hit it off IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN (INTERCOURSE). The only problem is that I can’t settle on a title. Here’s some that I’ve come up with, but I’d love your input as to which one I should actually use.

  • A Fistful Of Man
  • Uncover Thy Boner
  • Intercourse Village
  • Intercourse Castle
  • Intercourse Hut
  • A Wistful Throbbing
  • Dark Night, Deep Vag
  • An English Pound
  • Boner Honer
  • Rump Hump
  • Rump Hump & The Boner Honer

And if it helps you decide on a title, here is the potential cover art:



3 responses to “Sumptuous Reading

  1. Have you considered The Orgasmic Fantastic??
    The last romance novel I read was named Chandra and was set during the crusades. I’ve also read christmas-themed romances, not as good as you’d hope. I love ones that involve big money. Good luck, hon!
    I like Uncover They Boner, and a Wistful Throbbing. I’ve been in that Intercourse Hut, it’s not like you might think. I was expecting at least a few pepperonis???

  2. Definitely “A Wistful Throbbing”, but change it to Dark Night, Deep Vag when you sell the movie rights.

  3. I find this incredibly offensive. Those dogs look underage.

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