This Halloween, Make Your Fantasies Come True

Hey guys, Halloween is coming right up and if you’re like me you’re probably scrambling to think of a costume idea.  Now there are a lot of classics costumes out there like a “Cowboy” or a “Cowgirl” or a “Slutty Cowgirl” or a “Slut” or a “Slutty Slut” or a “Former Cowgirl Who Is Now Just A Full-time Slut.”  See where I’m going with this?  Halloween is all about having one night a year where you can live out your fantasy and play it off like a joke.  For instance, last year I played out one of my long time fantasies when I dressed up as “Son Who Isn’t A Disappointment To His Father.”  It was a hit at the party.  I just dressed “respectable for once,” talked about investments along with my role in the church and then I hugged my own baby boy who will continue the family name (Baby boy not included in costume, had to rent him separately).  My dad would have loved this costume.  Ironically, that same night I ended up trying Ecstasy for the first time and spent most of the night fucking the cake.  Sorry dad!   But that’s just one example, there are thousands of other fantasy costumes you can wear this Halloween.  You could dress up as: “Guy Who Finished College,”  “Lawyer Who Doesn’t Fuck Every Guy She Meets At Last Call,”  “Teacher Who Has The Courage To Leave Husband,” “Cop Who Isn’t Afraid To Dance At Weddings,” “Accountant Who Doesn’t Lie About Hitting Homeless Guy With Car,” “Doctor Who Hasn’t Lost Anyone On Operating Table Due To Excessive Drinking At Work,” and finally “Soldier Who Is Comfortable Enough With Himself That He Doesn’t Mind Sharing That He Kissed A Guy In Vietnam.”  All of these costumes are available (along with their “sexy” versions) over at AMAZON.COM but feel free to make your own as well.  Happy Halloween!!!


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