The Greatest Personality Quiz in Our Universe!

We’ve all done it whether we want to admit or not!  You’re out with a bunch of your best friends and everyone’s had one (or three!) too many apple martinis and the truth starts to really come out!  And the inevitable question comes up:  Which character are you from the movie ‘Space Cowboys’?  In every group of friends there’s always one Frank, Hawk, Jerry or Tank.  So which one are you?  Take our quiz.

 Are you old, cranky and often referred to as “the electrical engineer of the group.”  Then guess what?  You’re Clint Eastwood’s character Frank Corvin.  Like Frank, you like to keep life simple but you’d climb back into that old bucket of bolts if it meant seeing the moon up close one last time.  You also drank a glass of milk in one scene.

Do you like taking risks, pushing test planes to their limit and being old and cranky?  Well, well, well: You’re Tommy Lee Jones’ character Hawk Hawkins!  You’re the “daredevil crop duster” of the group and are probably always saying things like “Not now, please.”  Though it’s not made evident in the film, the subtext suggests that you’re probably intimidated by intelligent women.

Do you have a good sense of direction? Are you religious? Are you old?  Are you cranky?  Then you my friend, are just like James Garner’s character Tank Sullivan.  Every time you mention a short cut around a traffic jam, your friends probably yell “Thanks Tank” and you secretly love it.  You also have a son you’ve never met!

Uh oh, who’s the wild one?  Do you love sex and taking home strangers who are much younger than you?  Are you old and/or cranky?  You’re Donald Sutherland’s character Jerry O’Neil.  You can’t get enough of the wild thing and you’ll never get pinned down (or so you say).  Your love life is a roller coaster ride just like your day job: designing roller coasters. You have never been sad because you are always having sex. 

DING DING DING Bonus Round: Now, this one hurts.  Who is the bitch of the group?  C’mon, who is it?  Are you a back stabbing bitch?  Do you betray friends to get ahead? Do you often become jealous of your friend who is like Frank Corvin? So much so that you get him fired from NASA to prevent him from being the first man in space (this also falls into the category of old and cranky)?  You’re James Cromwell’s character Bob Gerson.  You seem like you have no redeeming qualities and are pretty much a villian but at the end you do the right thing.  But no one likes you at all.  You probably think you’re Tank but you are so not Tank. You’re Bob Gerson and you’ll always be Bob Gerson.

So which Space Cowboy are you?

2 responses to “The Greatest Personality Quiz in Our Universe!


  2. I thought that movie was called Wild Hogs.

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