Working For The “Man”

I just started a new job last week. It’s your typical office job – you know, sit at a computer all day and then report to “the man.” But I gotta say, I am LOVING it. Know why? Because it’s not necessarily what you do for work, but who you work with. And I have some of the most interesting co-workers you could ask for. Let me introduce you.

This is Alan, he works in Accounts RETRIEVable. A good worker who’s always on the ball (tennis ball, that is). A real GOLDEN boy, if you will. Definitely what you’d call a white collar worker (though I’d call him a FLEA COLLAR worker!) I gotta say, working with this guy is a real TREAT (DOG TREAT).

This is Rick. Always working K9 TO 5. He’s been working at this company for 20 years (dog years [not that long]). Because he’s been here so long, he’s been given the best BARKING (PARKING) spot (SPOT). I always have fun chatting with him by the water cooler, or as he likes to call it, THE TOILET BOWL.

This is Polly. She can be a real BITCH sometimes (literally! No, seriously. Literally). Hey, you would be too if you had twelve kids that were all taken away from you at birth to be supporting cast members in Beverly Hills Chihuahua. But we all put up with her because of that sweet TAIL that we totally want to BONE (this will have to stop, as there’s something like five or six pending sexual harassment suits. Probably shouldn’t be blogging about this).

And this is the boss, Mr. Oreos. No puns for him – he’s just a fucking asshole. Really needs to get off my back.


3 responses to “Working For The “Man”

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  2. This is awesome i have been reading heaps of your blogs, how i do i subscribe or something?


  3. Thanks, T!

    You can get an RSS feed here:

    Or you can add the blog to Google Reader. And if you’re interested in non-blog updates, then by all means join the mailing list!

    Thanks again,

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