Blow Your Mind? Don’t Mind If I Do.

There are some very misinformed people in the world that believe that racism and prejudice no longer exist today.  If only that were true.  Sadly, I experience the injustice of this world all the time.  People hate me.  Or worse yet, they are afraid of me.  All because of one little characteristic in my life, I’m branded a monster.  To clarify, I am a bridge troll.  Always have been, always will be.  But that’s not all there is to being me.  I also enjoy riddles and word games immensely.  That has also carried over to crossword puzzles, word jumbles, and mad-libs.  Occasionally, if someone wants to cross my bridge, instead of three riddles, I’ll give them three sudoku to solve.  Sometimes I just give them my world famous movie quiz.  Por ejemplo: “What is Gene Hackman’s greatest performance?”  You would be surprised by how many people say “Hoosiers.”  The correct answer is actually “Crimson Tide.”  I know, it surprised me too at first but then I thought about it and now I get it.  See, I’m no monster.  I’m just a guy who lives underneath a bridge.  It’s no biggie.  People who want to cross my bridge might have to answer a few questions about Ryan Reynolds.  Woopty Doo.  And if they don’t know the answer I get to eat them.  Does that makes me some kind of evil creature?  Of course not.  I’m a normal guy who likes normal things.  I like puzzles, bridges, darkness, chasing, tearing, eating, snorting, and the films of Rob Reiner (his earlier work).  So if you see a bridge troll in your misadventures, don’t be afraid.  We don’t bite. Well, we do but-we don’t do it automatically.  


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