Onward! To the District of Columbia

Pretty soon we’ll be heading out to our Nation’s Capital for the DC Comedy Festival. Yes, we are actually performing shows in the place that was inspired by the movie National Treasure. So all of our massive amounts of DC fans can finally see us (we’re looking at you, Spiro Agnew!) We don’t know a lot of people in DC, but if you do, you should tell them to come check out a show (or two [or three!]) of ours. We’ll be performing on Thursday and Friday at various times and places, and they are follows:

Fresh Voices Showcase
@ The DC Improv Mainstage
Thursday, August 7 at 10:30
Admission: $15

Chicago Comedy
@ The DC Improv Caberet
Friday, August 8 at 8:00
Admission: $10

Remember These Names
@ The Comedy Spot
Friday, August 8 at 10:00
Admission: $15

So that’s that. Three shows in two days. That’s like five shows a day or something. Get ready to party, George Washington!


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