Prank Phone Calls

Exciting news, everyone! We just uploaded a video to the Internet. Figured we’d give you a break from all the reading and give you something to watch. It’s a filmed version of a bit you may have seen performed live. It was directed and edited by the talented Chad Wilson and Ryan Taylor. These guys are like the Nash Bridges and Joe Dominguez of film making, by which I mean that one of them is Don Johnson and the other is Cheech Marin. We uploaded the hell outta this thing, and you can view it on YouTube, Funny or Die and even MySpace! Or just watch it right here:

By all means, feel free to rate it and send it to your friends. Oh, and a fun fact about the video: Nate and Steve are such good actors, that in this video Nate is actually playing Steve and Steve is playing Nate. Impressive, huh?


One response to “Prank Phone Calls

  1. Awesome. A TS classic adapted for the interwebs.

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