Fernald’s Dog

I just read about this really interesting scientist named Ivan Pavlov. He did this experiment where every time he would feed his dog, he’d also ring a bell. After a while, every time he rang the bell the dog would automatically start to salivate. I thought I’d try out a little experiment like this of my own, so I starting ringing a bell every time I farted on Steve. Now, whenever Steve hears a bell ring, he automatically throws up and punches me in the face.

I‘m not totally sure what this picture is. I think it’s some sort of Dog S&M Machine (Snacks & Meals, ya sicko!)

One response to “Fernald’s Dog

  1. that picture is a recording device for salavation. then the dog drools it hits the leaver over the test tube, and the vibration travels through the string and records it in the paper with a pen attatched to the string and a leaver. i think. pavlov was an amazing scientist, ive read all about him. i love his work.

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