It Finally Happened!

We met Maroon 5! All of them were really nice guys who love nothing more than singing about relationships, ladies and blunts. We might even make a cameo on their upcoming album “Maroon 5’s Greatest Hits.” It’s not actually a “best-of” album, but rather 45 straight minutes of them just rippin’ some serious bong hits. Brian Eno produces it. Look for it this summer on iTunes. Or as they call it, HIGH tunes. MAN, those guys are funny! One time they were even like “Hey guys, we aren’t Maroon 5, okay?” And we were all like “then why are there five of you? And why are you all wearing the color black?” They thought this was so funny that they punched both of us in the face. Alright, Maroon 5. Turn it off, okay? We get it.

“Team Submaroon” photo by David Angelo.

One response to “It Finally Happened!

  1. Hey Steve!!!

    You stole my chin up bar from my closet. I want it back. If you don’t give it back I am gonna tell a lie about you and spread it around. Yeah like you owned a bike or something. Yeah how bout now? You are on notice O’brien.

    Hey Nate

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