Makin’ It Big In NYC

As you’re probably aware by this time, we are now living in New York City. This is the city of opportunity and anything can happen here. It’s more than possible that any day some TV executive will just show up and say “I want to offer you guys a TV show,” and we’ll have to be ready for it (and then figure out how he got into our apartment). So we’ve been developing a show that we want to share with you guys. It’s called:

Shut Up, Dad. No, You Shut Up, Dad! and it’s the story of two men who are each other’s fathers. It’s a situation comedy (obviously!) and will have an All-Star cast featuring Nate Fernald and Steve O’Brien. We will be portraying the men who are each others fathers and hope that with the aid of CG graphics, we can be made to look something like this:

Rad Dadz!

The babies in this photo aren’t ours, but are acquired in the episodes “Oops, We’re Having a Baby!” and “Rad Dadz!”

Now I know you guys are thinking “Okay, so they’re each other’s fathers. But what’s the twist?” Well twist you wanted and twist you shall get it: Though these men are each other’s fathers, there is an eight-year-old black boy who is father to the both of them! He’s the ultimate authority figure and is always making them wash dishes when they are supposed to be going on dates. This of course won’t happen until the six or seventh season when the ratings start to drop. It’ll be the new jumping-the-shark. So when a show starts to go a little overboard, people won’t say “Man, that show really jumped the shark!” anymore, they’ll say “Man, that show really eight-year-old black boyed!” Or maybe even “Man, that show really eight-year-old black boyed the shark!”

Here is a short sample list of some potential episodes you may see on Shut Up, Dad. No, You Shut Up, Dad:

-Shut Up, Dad. No, You Shut Up, GRAMPA?!
-Four Score and Seven Beers Ago
-Catch That Wife!
-Knuckle Sandwich
-UFO (Unidentified Farting Object)
-The Abortion Episode

Hopefully you’ll soon be seeing this show on a stellar ABC Monday night line-up along with some of our other shows, such as “Girl Town,” “Say What?” and “Are You There, God? It’s Me, Pizza.”


3 responses to “Makin’ It Big In NYC

  1. …any chance I could make a cameo appearance in the Abortion Episode? thanks.

  2. You can play the abortion!

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