Farewell, Chicago (Hello, Orlando!)


We’ve been performing as Team Submarine here in Chicago for almost three years now. But sadly, the time has come for us to move to greener pastures. Thus Nate and Steve will soon be relocating to a place rich with opportunities. The heart of the entertainment industry. The heart of the country. Yes, that’s right: sunny Orlando, Florida! Sad as it is, there comes a time where you just have to let the caged bird go to Orlando. It’ll be tough to start over again, but mark our words, by 2018 Epcot Center will be the new home of Team Submarine: The 3D Ride Adventure Ride. And just a skip away will be Disney, with their revamped Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride Starring Team Submarine. We’re going to slowly gentrify all of Orlando’s entertainment spots until they are exlusively Team Submarine related. Goodbye, Magic Kindgom. Hello, Team Submarine’s Magic Kingdom.

But of course this won’t be without a proper goodbye. On Friday, April 18th we’ll be having our official Farewell Show at The Playground Theatre on 3209 N Halsted (right off of Belmont). It’s sure to be an evening filled with laughs, tears and pizza. The show starts at 10:00 PM and will have some of our favorite performers in the city. Hosting the show will be the wonderful Team Submarine, with opening act Team Submarine and then of course your headliner Team Submarine. The evening will be filled with some classic stuff, some new stuff and then even some exclusive stuff that may never be seen again. Hope to see you there!


One response to “Farewell, Chicago (Hello, Orlando!)

  1. for real?

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